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  • Planning & Organizing
  • Staffing, Sorting & Staging
  • Research & Pricing
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Merchandising & Estate Sale Operations
  • Post Estate Sale Wrap Up
  • Post Estate Sale Reporting
  • Traffic Control & Parking
  • Moving & Loading Assistance
  • Charitable Donation Scheduling and Staging

The My Personal Estate Sale LLC team has hosted hundreds of estate sale events in 26 cities throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. We invite you to join us at one of our sales, to see us in action and to understand how our "brand" sets us apart from the rest. We are here to help you through your life's transition. So, go with the estate sale professionals; My Personal Estate Sale LLC

In-home estate sales are all we do and our goal is to liquidate 100% of the inventory in your home during the estate sale process.  We do not operate any other businesses that my be perceived as a conflict of interest while representing your estate. This means we do not operate a retail store, own a warehouse or storage unit to stockpile inventory, we are not affiliated with antique stores, we do not sell on consignment or rent a booth. We are not online sellers nor do we buy your items from you at the end of your sale. OUR JOB IS TO SELL! Liquidating your estate is important to us and "we take personal care of your estate". 

  • Choosing My Personal Estate Sale LLC professionals is the best way to maximize your return when selling your personal property.

  • Choosing My Personal Estate Sale LLC professionals is the most profitable, safe, and direct way to liquidate your personal property to the general public.

  • Choosing My Personal Estate Sale LLC professionals is the most effective, and efficient means of liquidating and clearing out the contents of your home.

Why Choose My Personal Estate Sale LLC ? 

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"We take personal care of your estate". 

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