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"We take personal care of your estate."

Our Motto

We take personal care of your estate."

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Christopher D. Hakim

Estate Sales Director


Our Vision

The vision of My Personal Estate Sale LLC is to set the  standard of excellence within the estate sales industry by operating with the highest degree of professionalism, service and personal care for our clients while enhancing the overall shopping experiences of our customers.

Rufus E. Johnson Jr.

Vice President


Jennie Johnson



Our Core Estate Sales Team 

Our Core Team

As a professional estate sales and asset liquidation company, My Personal Estate Sale LLC values:

  • To operate with honesty, fairness and sound  ethical  business practices.
  • To operate with the highest degree of integrity,   professionalism, and respect for our clients and customers.
  • To show empathy, sincerity, compassion and care. 

Our Values

The mission of My Personal Estate Sale LLC Team is to enhance the overall customer experience by providing professional, compassionate and caring estate sale services to our clients, while maximizing the return on their personal property efficiently and effectively.  

Our Mission